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This is… The End.

March 22, 2012

I’m going to make this quick, I’m officially steping down as Sega Neptune’s major foot soldier and poster of stuff, so to speak. Writing on this blog sure made my life easier at first, but now other priorities are setting in and I can’t keep up with the frenetic Internet World as a one man army. I thank everybody, whose has ever read the articles and all the content I’ve posted thus far. Before I go, here’s a brief highlight of some of my favorite articles and reviews:

Thank to y’all. I’m outta here…


Random Nostalgic Video of the Day: Vyse is easily distracted!

March 8, 2012

You know, there’s one RPG that help get through my awkward and confusing teenage years, that role-playing game was SEGA and Overwork’s magnum opus, Skies of Arcadia. You play the role of an Air Pirate, Vyse who embarks on a quest to stop an Evil Empire from obtaining sacred gems, while fulfilling his life long dream of exploring the world.

It’s not just fist-pumping action, though, take this little amusing cut scene, in which Vyse and his crew find themselves stranded in a small town and are having a chat over how to plan their next move. Aika and Fina catch Vyse gazing upon the belly dancer, during this segment, the player gets to choose what Vyse is going to say. It’s a cute design element in which the options you choose during the conversation will build points that change Vyse’s nickname throughout the course of the game.

Here’s a pretty curious piece of trivia, this cut scene was the primus movens of one specific rule/cliché in japanese RPGs, the Vyse rule.

Eggmanland Weekly News Round-Up Issue #10

March 8, 2012

I’m getting too old for this…

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Because fanmade stuff can sometimes be so awesome!

March 7, 2012

Oh, boy, I must’ve spent another two or three weeks without posting virtually anything on the site. Guess, I better make use of the space with a little video that was suggested on Youtube. This video is 2 years old, but nevertheless, it does manage to be funny without resorting to low-brow humor.

Dan and Big Bo exchange awkward lines amidst massive shoot-outs!

February 27, 2012

Random Nostalgic Video of the Day: Blue Stinger on the Dreamcast

February 25, 2012


Eggmanland: Weekly News Round-Up – Issue #9

February 23, 2012

Here’s a couple of small news pieces here and there for y’all too chew on…

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