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Where is SEGA Neptune heading? I’ll tell you right now…

February 17, 2012

It ain’t easy to keep up with the insane world of bloggin’, it also doesn’t help that you might have other far more important priorities in your current situation (aka work and social life), which leads me to mull a bit about what to do with this little blog that keeps a somewhat respectable number of hits.

For starters, there will be much less blog posts from now on. I simply do not have the manpower, nor time, nor patience or amount of wit to post a ton of news articles which end up being nothing more than being direct regurgitations of press releases. So Eggmanland Weekly-News Round-up will likely be just that, a weekly thing.

I’m thinking of doing a little than just text, more original video content might be a pretty cool thing to try out and maybe something of a podcast, trouble is once again, time, patience and creativity, I’m short on all three of them right now.

More reviews and commentary will have also a much bigger focus, but they will also come out in shorter intervals and that’s about it.

And I’m done. Have a nice day.

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