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Eggmanland Weekly News Round-up: Issue #2

May 18, 2011

Today, we have trailers, tons of ’em. And a couple of other cool snippets. Read on…


Sega’s Summer of Xbox Live and PSN

Summertime is ussually the time where studios just tend to toss in a few low-profile titles that otherwise would be ignored in the regular Fall and Spring releases. But Sega’s got a few strong digital download titles coming soon, 2 classic franchises and a brand new IP:


So Sonic Generations is also coming to PC and the 3DS?


Apparentely the cat’s out of the bag. It was found within the Sega Sammy earnings report that Sonic Generations would be coming to the 3DS and, surprisingly, good ol’ PC.


No plans for new Sega Rally titles


Oh, dear me… Another SEGA IP that has now fallen into the “No plans” rhetoric that Sega higher ups talk about and fans get annoyed. Even though Sega Rally’s getting an Xbox Live Arcade and PSN outing, according to the Sega West big boss  Mike Hayes, the franchise will stay in the back burner.

On the next page: Vanquish, Thor: God of Thunder and Shogun 2 sequel talk


Sega & Platinum Games are BFF!

(Source: Eurogamer Portugal)

Mike Hayes has a lot of good things to say about Platinum Games. “They are a great studio.”, so says Mr. Hayes.He also highlights Bayonetta and Vanquish, two high profile titles that have come out of that collaboration. So after, Anarchy Reigns is out, what’s next for the studio? A Bayonetta sequel, maybe? Sega’s not willing to comment on that right now.


Thor: God of Blunder… I mean, Thunder.

(Source: GamesReactor)

Unsurprisingly, Thor: God of Thunder doesn’t improve the image of movie tie-ins, not by a long shot. Still the scandinavian crew of GamesReactor nevertheless like the homage to old Norse Mythology and with that in mind, here’s the first 10 minutes of the PS360 version of Thor: God of Thunder.


Yes, they are already working on a Total War sequel


Creative Assembly is on a role, Shogun 2 was a hit, they are working on an Aliens game and they’ve recentely discussed a sequel to it’s RTS flagship title. And it’s been fast-tracked even as we speak. No word exactly what will be the subject matter, as CA remains coy on the matter.


That’s it for the round-up, good night and long live the Eggman Empire!

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