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Yuji Naka talks about the studio who made the adorable Ghost Girl from the Sonic Unleashed short

January 19, 2012

And according to Naka-san’s account, they might be working on something Sonic-related:

Though there remain skeptics, it helps when the alleged source is one of the main men behind Sonic, Yuji Naka.  Recently, Mr. Naka took a trip to Marza, and via his Facebook and Twitter feeds, mentioned something about a Sonic animation while there.  It had been tough to this point to get a proper translation, which has been key in determining what Mr. Naka actually said.  So we asked our Japan based reporter Danny Russell to help us. Here is what Mr. Naka said in part:

Marza Animation Planet is made up of members from VE R&D (, which is a division he had a hand in creating. It looks like they’re working on a Sonic movie. Their offices seem nice, and they have a screening room / theatre there.

Danny further clarified tonight, saying Mr. Naka’s remarks don’t necessarily confirm or deny anything that was fit for release–just that work toward a Sonic animation was seen while at the studio, and it appeared to be part of a larger movie project.

[Source: TSSZ News via SegaBits]

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