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Looking back into Alpha Protocol and how Obsidian “works”.

January 14, 2012

I thought I could write something about this game again and one of Obsidian’s titles that I’ve tried out gave me the opportunity to revisit one of their earlier efforts.

I was actually curious about Dungeon Siege III for a while, I almost felt tempted to buy it since you can find it quite cheaply, but I tried out the demo first and here’s a couple of things I’ve noticed: the game first and foremost, looks dated, feels bland, voice acting is terrible in general and you will get bored of it pretty quickly. So I decided to dig up my old copy of Alpha Protocol, just to see if the game stood the test of time. Long story short: It did not. But not only that, it carries the same issues that I’ve played on their other title. While the dialog system and the consequences are a nice addition because I’m curious to see how far-reaching your actions are and the choices you make. However, an interesting concept is muddled by mediocre graphics (the title was meant as a 2007/2008 release and getting pushed two years in a row did not help) and all the glitches and bugs.

I still have fresh recollections over some of the bugs that I’ve encountered on my first playthrough, from bosses getting stuck in one place and not moving at all, our main protagonist having his mouth wide open for no apparent reason, enemies that I judo-choppedare back up again when I turn around. Apparentely during the final boss battle, I entered some sort of God mode and nothing could hurt me.

One imagines that the Aliens RPG being canned was a blessing in disguise ’cause to put it mildly, Obsidian is the B-team of developers. Remember those japanese animated shows that ussually have two teams, the main one and the backup animation team, when the other is on vacation, hence why you see such a noticiable drop in animation quality. Now while the Internet almost gave the devs a free pass on this, but after Fallout: New Vegas, a lot of people have come to their senses.

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