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What the heck did I just play? – My first impressions of Sonic CD

December 15, 2011

All joking aside, I never actually played Sonic CD back in the day. I played on my Genesis console and honestly I couldn’t afford to get the SEGA CD add-on. I remember playin’ a demo for Sonic CD on the PC when SEGA released their first batch SEGA PC titles, which were mostly ports from their earlier crop of Saturn and Genesis titles. So this would be the first major classic Sonic title that I haven’t played, so this is completely new to me.

And what did I think about it thus far? I’ll give you this much, it is the most bizarre 2D Sonic title ever. I can’t even begin to describe just how insane the level design is on stages such as Wacky Workbench, Palmtree Panic, Stardust00 Speedway,etc. The colors are extremly vibrant, which can be something of a mixed blessing, ’cause sometimes I could barely make out where I was going and how did I fall off from some platform, there arealso  hidden passages, like, in places that seem indiscernible. One thing I did noticed, though, oddly enough, I don’t think you can die from falling into a bottomless pit, because, there isn’t any on the stages I’ve played.

The few boss battles I’ve had are also flat out weird and very different from what you’d expect. The one in Tidal Tempest is a cakewalk, while the fight with Eggman in Wacky Workbench is pretty frustrating.

Honestly, I don’t know what to think of this right now…

[Source for the picture]

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