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Sonic the Hegdehog has an unfortunate design flaw that will forever haunt us!

November 10, 2011

I was going to write the review first, but I have to address one problem, it is said that Sonic Generations is the first Sonic game in years that no longer applies to the vicious cycle of average and mediocre titles that have plagued the series since then. However, one complaint that is consistent all across the board is the lenght of the game. My copy arrived in the mailbox on Monday and by Tuesday night, the main adventure was already over. An entire afternoon, to put in perspective, is enough to finish the game.

Make no mistake, I’m not saying that it should be longer, because it doesn’t mean that a longer game will make it fun. Nevertheless, if one is complaining about how short a game is, it means that even though it is good, there just wasn’t enough of it and that can be considered a flaw. But a 40 hour game can also be fun, even if there might be some dead spots. To make this short, it is merely an arbitrary point-of-view.

Now to be blunt, many gamers have come to grow weary of SEGA perpetually shoving new gimmicks into Sonic’s gameplay, it started out as content to pad out an otherwise short adventure, Sonic Adventure, had Sonic as a playable character, but other characters were playable, but each of those had their own gameplay style.

When reccuring SEGA characters started to become a nuissance, the gameplay was changed in order to focus as much as possible in just Sonic the Hedgehog, but another gimmick was also used to pad out what would otherwise be a very short game. To which a gameplay style that would be generally given to another seperate character, but as animosity towards other characters grew, Sonic had to become a werewolf and used aliens for power-ups.

To say that Sonic Generations is a short game, the obvious answer is: What exactly were you expecting?

Due to the very nature of the character, namely his trademark speed, Sonic games, even in full 3D, even if it was made with a huge development budget that would allow you to create gigantic worlds, the time that you spent playing a Sonic game would still be remarkably short.

Sonic the Hedgehog games at their core, especially the classic ones, are racing games in which the player goes through an obstacle course, otherwise, if you were meant to take your time exploring the levels for hidden secrets, then in the original Sonic the Hedgehog,  you should not be penalized with losing a life when the timer runs out.

So what is my ultimate point? It is simply that in the case of Sonic games, less will always be more. And that regardless of what one might think about the lenght of a video game, a good Sonic game will always be a short affair.


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