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Random Nostalgic Video of the day: Suffer like G did!

October 28, 2011

Ah, Halloween… It means kids in costumes going door to door asking for candy and late nights watching horror films. Possibly playing scary games too. But one game series from SEGA relates to horror, The House of the Dead. An arcade series that was born in the Saturn era, an arcade shooter that has you walking around in a creepy mansion, shooting zombies, killer bats and other grotesque monsters.

However, The House of the Dead has also been known as a horror series, not only in the scary atmosphere but also in its horrible voice acting. Watch the video and you’ll see for yourself. This is the 2nd game in the series, that was later released on Dreamcast, PC and part of a compilation for the Nintendo Wii and it features one of the most infamously cheesy lines in video game history: “Suffer like G did!”

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