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What do we got on Sonic 4: Episode 2? Absolutely nothing but a vague 2012 release date!

August 24, 2011

We got to wait another year for Sonic 4: Episode 2!?

We’d been told to expect some news this year on Sega’s sequel to the download-only Sonic the Hedgehog 4 series. And that’s pretty much all we’ll get this year, I reckon as Sonic Team alumini Takashi Iizuka points out:

“This year, 2011, is the anniversary, so we’re focusing on the celebration title,” Sonic Team’s Takashi Iikuza told Eurogamer, “But moving forward to 2012, Sonic will still be going, so I’d hope to provide Episode 2 then.”


“It was always the plan,” said Iizuka, “We knew about the anniversary year, and Generations was planned way in advance. It was always our plan to release Episode 2 after Generations.”


I’d bet money on Sega being coy is due to them wanting to keep everything locked down as much as possible to avoid any negative feedback on whatever unfinished build is being worked on. We only have Iizuka’s statement to go by, the delay is due to schedulling issues, but it’s implied that Sonic 4: Episode 2 is not a priority this year, hence not much work has been done thus far, methinks.  Or maybe there is, a massive overhaul of the psyhics engine, perhaps? That would cover both theories.

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