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Random Nostalgic Video of the Day: Sonic Adventure 2

August 24, 2011

Today I though I’d try something different. Instead of a couple of Genesis titles, I have a Dreamcast game. One of my personal favorites, Sonic Adventure 2.

This is a showcase of the entire City Escape level, which is on of the levels in the upcoming Sonic Generations title. How does it hold up? Well… The Dreamcast certainly shows it’s age, as the game pushing 10 right now. Some psyhics no-nos pop-up here and there and that camera is simply dreadful, any attempt to adjust will simply result into it snapping back into place as soon as you touch the D-pad.

The main difference between Sonic Adventure 2 and it’s predecessor is that the stages are far more linear, to the point where they feel like narrow corridors with very little to explore beyond. Exploration was sacrificed over a more linear approach, in the end, it improved a bit over the sometimes pointless hub worlds.

With that said, sit back and enjoy the video.

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