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Sega Neptune Journo Watch: When Sega loses money…

July 29, 2011

I remember noticing a strange pattern in recent times about how Sega’s quarterly reports are reported by the average video game media outlet. Take Eurogamer, for example, when Sega’s fiscal report was released today, was quick to publish a news item, stating clearly that Sega has indeed lost money in it’s first 3 months of operation and they have pointed the reasons for doing so.

When compared to the other report from May 13th, this news item already offers a clear explanation of what has happened , whereas the former only singles out Iron Man from the game that was released at that time, in an article that was mostly about Sega’s full fiscal year in which it has turned a profit.

“Sega sees Red” is obviously going to attract that much more attention than a news item which such a vague heading, especially when the game that is mentioned is only one out of other best seller but are seen only futher down the list. Interesting…

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