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The New Review System – Hopefully it’s here to stay…

July 28, 2011

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Hopefully, it’s here to stay, it’s a bit simplistic, it’s a little vague, but it’s more visually consistent (plus my photoshop skills still need whole alot of more work.

Perhaps it’s best do describe the meaning of the letter rating:

  • A – It’s an excellent game, there’s no doubt about it, AAA quality material. It excells on every single aspect, be it gameplay and other technical aspects such as sound and overall presentation, it’s well worth the full price. If an A rating does feature a Seal of Quality, it’s also a likely candidate for Game of the Year, it’s an A+, of sorts;
  • B – This one is a little more subtle, a B rating means that the game is overall good, there’s nothing wrong with it, maybe a little weaker in one area or another, but overall a good product. However, should you choose between an A-rank title and a B-ranked title, you’d probably be better off with an A rank title, but you won’t be dissapointed if you pick the B-rating title;
  • C – This rating defines a title that is average at best. Anything that is workman-like, ergo it is still a functional game but at this point, things are very uneven, bland graphics, ocassional glitches, inconsistent quality, but the essential gameplay is functional. However, paying full price for a C-rated title will most likely feel cheated, titles such as these are OK, in most case, if you buy it at discount price and even then in some situations, try before you buy and/or rent;
  • D – In hindsight, this rating is unnecessary, because anything lower than a C is already pretty much a stinker in anyone’s book. However, A D rate is a below average title, if you read the description for the C rank, a D rating already includes inconsistent visuals, poor sound design and when it comes to gameplay, it has broken elements, it features questionable design choices and overall, there is no satisfaction in playing it, regardless of how much you pay for it, even renting the game will most likely result in you not having that much enjoyment out of it;
  • F– If this was a comic book, you should burn it. It is a completely dysfunctional and broken title, nothing works, why did they think it was a good idea to release his title in it’s current state is a mistery. Even if the presentation is good, it’s not worth it, it doesn’t matter if the game looks good because if you can’t play it, pretty visuals won’t help. It is not worth your time and money.  Playing it will make you think about other things you’d rather be doing instead of this. Don’t waste money, don’t recommend it to anyone, don’t rent it and better yet, don’t even acknowledge it’s existence. Buying this game is like giving a game studio a free pass and enabling them to continue releasing questionable games;

Kudos for Sonic World for these sprites.

Now that I’ve explained the ratings, here’s a few of the games that I’ve played that fit into all the ratings, to put it into context:

  • A – Vanquish;
  • B – Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing;
  • C – Captain America: Super Soldier;
  • D – Vancouver 2010;
  • F – Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

Here’s the new rating system, hopefully it will work a little better than a rating system that uses numbers.

Update: After some deliberation, I changed the Seal of Approval logo to a Seal of Quality logo. It makes more sense.

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