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Ebay user wants to sell a rare Genesis title for ***dramatic pause*** One Million Dollars!

July 25, 2011
One Million Dollars!

The most appropriate image

Tetris was a fairly common game back in the day, it’s been ported and reworked several times for many consoles, heck even my Grandma plays that game, it’s also been released on Genesis, so what’s so special about this one in particular, you wonder:

The Japanese version of this Mega Drive title is already rare enough in its own right. A legal tussle with Nintendo meant that it was released in limited quantities then hastily withdrawn. reports that fewer than ten copies of the game are thought to exist today. eBay games trader ‘shinsnk’ is lucky enough to own one of them, but his is the rarest of all because it’s signed by the game’s original creator – the legendary Alexey Pajitnov.

Source: Yahoo! Video Games via Sega’s Twitter Feed

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