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Sega and EA Games team-up for Japanese distribution deal!

July 6, 2011

Sega and EA Games team up for Japan distribution deal!I know, this particular news item is a day old, nevertheless I beleive it is still worth mentioning:

Sega and Electronic Arts have formed a new partnership for the Japanese market. Under the deal, which was announced today, Sega will act as distributor for Electronic Arts package games in Japan.

The deal will commence this month with retail orders for Shadows of the Damned, which is due for release on September 22. By August, Sega will be distributing all of EA’s titles, new and old.

Source: AndriaSang

Sega is no stranger to releasing titles from it’s major rivals (like Take-Two, for example) and it’s always nice to see two companies who had a falling out all the way back when a horrible FIFA 98 port for the Sega Saturn caused an overwhelming parting of the California-based gaming giant. This deal already affects Shadows of the Damned, will other titles like BF3 have the shiny Sega logo in the Japanese stores?

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