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IGN comments on 10 minutes of Sonic Generations demo

June 17, 2011

The lovely IGN host Naomi Kyle and IGN editor Sam Claiborn sit down with Sega Producer Patrick Riley and have a look at the Sonic Generations demo from last week’s E3. The demo focuses a lot on the Sonic Adventure 2 stage City Escape, first with classic Sonic and then exploring the modern Sonic gameplay. Mr. Riley reveals that the story will be very simple and straightfoward(or as much as you can be considering that the plot deals with time/space continuum disruptions), they also touch upon collectables and extras to get gamers coming back for more. One of the things to take from this is that Special Stages will be featured on the 3DS.

It’s also revealed they are going to cram as any as Sonic’s friends in there( for better or for worse, from you stand) and of course, amidst the gameplay, it hits a glitch,

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