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Eggmanland Weekly News Round-Up: Issue #4

June 17, 2011

Two of these on the same day, it’s going to a long ride…

Creative Assembly aims high with new Aliens game

(Source: VG24/7)

Tim Heaton, of the big wigs over the aussie branch of Creative Assembly, has set a bold mission statement for it’s recentely announced Aliens title: It’s wants to to reach for Batman:Arkham Asylum/Red Dead Redemption type of quality. Yes, folks, he is that ambicious.


Sam Mullen gives a few tidbits on Rise of Nightmares


Binary Domain – Story Introduction

Fresh from E3, here’s the first intro for the upcoming Binary Domain.


Captain America: Super Soldier – Prologue trailer

As always, Sega has had a habit of releasing a CG trailer for gamers to get worked up (for better or for worse) on the video game tie-in to the big Marvel movie, this time is good ol’ Caps kicking some nazi butt.

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