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Eggmanland Weekly News Round-up: Issue #1

May 12, 2011

Too lazy to read up on individual articles? Fear not, for we at Sega Neptune are proud to reveal this little feature which will allow you read up on all the major Sega-related news in one go. Hit the link to read more…

Sega Rally Online Arcade gets a release date and price

(Source: Sega Blogs USA)

Coming to XBLA and PSN, Sega’s revamped version of it’s classic racer is coming on May 18th and the asking price is 800 MSP.

Classic PSP title Crush gets a 3DS Makeover


Creative Assembly is working on a new Aliens game


So this was the major title that Creative Assembly had announced last year, and as it turns out, the dev is beefing up it’s staff and working on it as we speak. Don’t expect to see anything on this year’s E3. No word on Aliens: Colonial Marines, though, but then again, that’s Gearbox’s bussiness.

Sega to release more Vintage Collection titles

(Source: Sega Blogs)

Revenge of Shinobi, Wonder Boy in Monster World, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Super Hang-on will be featured on PSN and the Wii’s virtual console. As was speculated before, it is confirmed that a previously unreleased title(outside of Japan, that is), Monster World 4 will also make it’s way onto the digital distribution and will be completely localized.

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