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Sonic Generations 3DS release date revealed. Possibly.

May 10, 2011

I really cannot get over how cute this image is...

The ‘possibly’ above is obviously referring to our favourite media industry’s chronic case of fibbing. Deserting university’s chronic will to keep me buried under more readings than Hermione Granger can poke a stick at, I took a peek at TSSZ news this morning and discovered that those clever little guys (or guy) had discovered a rumoured December 31st release date for Sonic Generations 3DS. There’s also a rumoured price at $39.99 (US, I would think), but as the dollar’s pretty much par I’m still thinking this is rather optimistic. Unless it’s been out for 600 years and from some obscure developer you’re normally looking at $20 more than that… not that I’m complaining. I’ll take my cynical words somewhere else now – the Escapist has seemed much too positive of late…

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