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Why I haven’t talked about the Streets of Rage Remake issue…

April 30, 2011

The last two weeks have been pretty fun, there was the major reveal of Sonic Generations, which cured my Spring blues and the fact that I cannot get tired of watching the new Binary Domain trailer which, quite honestly, is amazing. But instead a lot of the media attention has been centered around the Streets of Rage Remake, but of course, this little game only rose to prominence when Sega announced that they wanted the game not to be made available and that’s when people lost their cool.

I noticed two things:

  • The irony that, for those have written that the Streets of Rage Remake could’ve made people aware of the franchise is a strawman argument, seeing how on April 5th, the day of it’s release, drew little to no attention other than a few small blogs, only 3 days later, many of the more mainstream video games news portal actually touched on the subject matter but only because Sega decided to pull the plug on the project. Take a look at this:
  • The other thing which I consider both hipocritical and intelectually dishonest, is the argument that Sega should’ve worked with the devs and helped the project along. No, I’m sorry, that’s not how things work, when you are working with somebody else’s intelectual property, you might want to read on some of the most famous copyright myths that some people still think are true.
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