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Gamespot review Conduit 2

April 29, 2011

I know I’ve made it clear during the post-release of numerous other titles released from SEGA in the past two years, but I really do like Gamespot. They’re snappy, precise, and even when they pen a review with which my agreement is not warranted I still find myself nodding away as if it is. Hence, their review of Conduit 2 for the Nintendo Wii deserves a little corner to itself here. Awarding the game a respectable if not titanic 7/10, Tom McShea da Gamespot applauded especially the  game’s witty, tongue-in-cheek tone. It seems the game fell down hardest in the multiplayer, which was described as mediocre:

…it hits all the requisite check boxes without doing anything unique to distinguish itself.

It’s a solid review, and well worth the read if you’re eying this one up. Unfortunately, our own review has been put on hold due to our reviewers sudden obsession with Forza Motorsport. Our sincerest apologies. Back to racing.

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