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Gamespot’s Sonic Generations Preview

April 19, 2011

Now that is gorgeous...

That was quick! News has been flooding in about Sonic Generations but apart from the announcement earlier this week nothing substantial has come through. But now Sonic Generations has one of its first preview over at Gamespot – and some interesting tid-bits have been confirmed concerning the story:

At this stage, not much is known about Sonic Generations’ story. The game will encompass the 20 years of Sonic’s history and will be set across three defining eras: the 2D Mega Drive/Genesis era; the introduction of 3D in the Dreamcast era; and the modern-day HD graphics era. Instead of creating new levels, the developers have revamped a bunch of iconic stages throughout these eras in HD and given players the choice of playing each stage in either classic side-scrolling 2D or in modern-era 3D.

Gamespot’s demo takes them through the same level but at different ‘generations’. The first was a reincarnation of ‘classic Sonic’, without the homing attack and the camera at a familiar side-scrolling position. The next portion kicked the camera into a 3D perspective, allowing a new, but privileged view of the same level but from a different position.

Entering the same level again, the 3D Sonic doesn’t mess around. The camera now moves very closely behind Sonic, so we get a different perspective as he slides and jumps his way across the environment. In the big blur of blue and white and green, we managed to work out that Sonic now has the ability to use a homing attack to target enemy badniks from midair. In this level, the badniks were in their simplest form, the ladybug-like mechanical baddies that Sonic can easily manage.

The preview does state that while the levels have been dedicatedly reincarnated into high def… they’re still reincarnations. So, it’s unlikely we’re looking at anyhting but a rehashed but nostalgic walk down memory lane (at supersonic speeds, of course). Rumours have been circulating about whether or not Tails, Knuckles and co will make an appearance, or if they will be playable. While TSSZ seems to have stumbled across news from Kotaku that this will not be the case, it’s early days. Sonic Generations is looking at an unannounced but assumed release later this year – if we take our memories back to 2010 and 2008, probably a November one.

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