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Streets of Rage 2 punches out the iPhone: Includes original uncensoured japanese version

April 14, 2011

Yeah, I know this a screenshot from Streets of Rage 3... But it is so damn cool!

One of those small tidbits that you’ve come to expect from Sega, in which another of it’s classic properties will see a iPhone release, this time, the legendary brawler Streets of Rage 2. At this point, you’re thinking: “Aw, man, another port? What so special about this!?”. Well, I will highlight the following point the in the press release:

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO – 14 April, 2010 –SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced the launch of Streets of Rage™ 2 for iPhone® and iPod® touch. This classic Mega Drive™ era game is immediately available for download on the App Store and is priced at $2.99/€2.39/£1.79/AU$ 3.99. Fan favourites Golden Axe™ 2 and 3, plus Streets of Rage 3 are also coming to the App Store this spring.

Streets of Rage 2 allows players to fight the evil crime boss Mr. X in a series of down-and-dirty, street-level battles, with a complex plot and fast gameplay. Streets of Rage 2 includes multiplayer capability via Bluetooth™ and the original Japanese version of Bare Knuckle II for more brawler action.

Source: Sega Blog Europe

What exactly does this uncensoured version of the game include? Well, some characters have different names, Mr. X, the primary antagonist, smokes and there are some flashy sprites. They were censoured so as to not cause any inconvinience for european viewers. Yes, because having characters running around the street beating up people with their bare knuckles and all sorts of blunt instruments and stabbing weapons won’t shock parents and their kids, Blaze’s pantsu will!

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