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Imagine if we had been called SEGA Pico…

March 22, 2011

Trawling around SEGA sites I came across the ol’ Sonic Blognik again, powered by the recently semi-retired (I don’t think he’ll like me saying that) AAUK. Okay, so we’re going back about a month here, but it’s an interesting tib=dbit about the wonder lost to the tides of time, swept away by the better fortunes of later legends and finally buried under ignorance and half-eaten Chilli dogs. All dramatics aside I am talking about the not-so-renowned SEGA Pico.

I know, I thought it was a hammer at first,too – but turns out it was an actual console  that sold millions of units and endured a decade of life in Japan – if only a tenth of that in the west. It looks a little bit like a plastic scribbler I had when I was a kid. As AAUK digress’ (he said that, not me), the Pico, while having a host of surprisingly popular titles it also bared a game about a fox and his music: Tails and the Music Maker, a game I have never heard of before and probably never will again, mostly because of the key-word used in the article, ‘solo-adventure’. Heh. Read AAUK’s article and see what I mean.

Through some tactical twitter prodding and constant prayer (I said that, not him) AAUK managed to come up with this: Picolescence (Yes, that’s actually what it’s called and I think I spelled it right)!

So fluff him up a little bit, and give the archangel a great big hug.

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