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Sega Neptune Journo Watch: Kotaku uses Eggman’s name just for tacky Fox News critique!

March 21, 2011

Source: Image from Devianart artist jigenxlupin

If there is anything, but anything remotely related to video games, no matter how circumstancial it is, Kotaku will post it, case and point, this article:

The below image is from Fox News, and it’s been doing the Twitter rounds after popping up on Media Matters. It shows a map of the nuclear power plants located throughout Japan. The “Sendai” plant is in fact correct, as website Japan Subculture points out, but this Sendai (川内) power plant is about a thousand miles from the city of Sendai (仙台). Fox did get that part correct. But the news network ended up listing “SHIBUYAEGGMAN” as a nuclear power plant.

Shibuya Eggman is not a nuclear power plant. It is a music venue in Shibuya. The venue’s official site has a heartfelt statement pertaining to those lost and impacted by the recent natural disasters, adding in English, “Shibuya Eggman has no nuclear plant.” Eggman says its electricity is powered “only by music”.

How could Fox News think that something called “Shibuya Eggman” could actually be a nuclear plant? The thirty-year-old venue is known to Tokyoites, but to those outside the country, it might be more familiar to those playing Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic nemis Doctor Eggman was evil, and there were nuclear weapons — well, at least in the Archie comics. So maybe that’s how Fox News made the mistake. Maybe?

Here’s a question: How could Kotaku’s Mr.Ashcraft be so desperate  to get hits just because of something as trivial as a translation error? By the way, in the article the word  “nemesis” is mispelled. Must be a painful slow Monday…

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