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Hyper-super-duper-dimension Planatasia Fantasia Reviews up

March 9, 2011

How is it I make it a hobby of mine to keep a track of SEGA like some kind of invisible, online stalker and I manage to never so much as hear about an entire game until a few days ago? A game that’s very title makes a pun to the scrapped console this very blog takes its name after?

The shame.

Hyperdimension Neptunia (a name only the boldest or most Japanese of producers could conceive), in theory, sounds both hilarious and promising… in a weird way but it’s nice to see some diversity out there. It’s a game who’s story parodies and reflects the ‘console wars’ of today. Unfortunately, reviews from major outlets don’t surrender much confidence in its entertainment value.

IGN: 6/10

Eurogamer: 2/10 – ouch!

1UP and Gamespot each haven’t published a review as of yet (so I’m glad I’m not the only one behind the 8-ball). The game is PS3 exclusive.

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