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Mini-Rant of the Day: About the “Sega of old days”…

March 4, 2011

Ryo often wonders if so much adoration for the "old" Sega is nothing but a result of an extremely romantized interpertation of the zeitgeist during the Dreamcast/N64/PS1 era.

This begs the question: Where were you in 2001?

If you have nothing but good things to say about Sega’s older titles, especially during the Dreamcast era, then let me ask again: Where were those people who, today, speak so highly of Sega during the Dreamcast years? One wonder how, despite so much love, Sega was forced to move away from consoles and take a more mainstream approach as a third party developer? Let me jog those memories…

I didn’t see any of you in line at the store when Skies of Arcadia was released, I also remember vaguely when people bitched that Jet Set Radio was too hard. I remember people calling Shenmue a joke, simply because you might and can finish the game in a weekend. I remember that the major running joke between magazine publications at the time, was as followed: “When was the last time a Sega game reached a million copies?”.

I also vaguely remember gamers that felt burned by Sega’s previous misteps with the Sega Saturn and said “never again”. I wonder if that had any impact in how the Dreamcast’s fate would turn out?

Reading this review you would never realize that this game was actually good by any standards…

I also remember the days when extra characters with differrent gameplay styles in a Sonic game was  something that was embraced and was never reason enough to dock points from it’s final score, nobody cared wherever or not Big the Cat’s fishing sim in Sonic Adventure had anything to do with Sonic himself, it was just considered a natural part of the game.

Do gamers need to jog their memories so that they can remember that out of 20-25 games that were produced by Sega for the Dreamcast, only 2 of them enjoyed real commercial success? Which one you might ask? Why… that would be, the Sonic game with the fishing sim gameplay included and the arcade port of Crazy Taxi.

This was a time where arcades were already dying out or near terminal stages in the West…

I honestly don’t think anyone I’ve known, ever owned a copy of Space Channel 5, which, even around that time ,was just way too weird and bizarre for gamers to embrace it. Why would anyone bitch about the Dreamcast Collection having Space Channel 5 Part 2, when the original barely sold anything and this game was a japan-only release on the Dreamcast and it made very little noise on the PS2 userbase?

Sega certainly made a lot of noise with Shenmue and it did get a lot of press attention, much like the overly insane hype that surrounded Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 4, however, upon release, gamers simply went with the shinny trinket known as SSX on the PS2.

I also recall that the vast majority of Sega’s early 2002 PS2, Xbox and Gamecube titles were largely ports from Sega’s Dreamcast back catalogue, like Ecco: Defender of the Future, Headhunter, Shenmue 2, Phantasy Star Online, a reworked port of Skies of Arcadia, 18 Wheeler, Sonic Adventure 2. Again, the only game out of all of these mentioned that had some commercial success was… You guessed it, that Sonic game with only 6 stages where you played as Sonic, which also had the big breasted Bat girl, the emo recoloured Sonic clone known as Shadow, the terrible camera system and the painfully bad voice acting (especially the english dub, which was rushed in order to meet the July deadline).

Sonic Shuffle was one of the weakest Dreamcast titles of the lot, a Party game which tried to cash in on Mario Party's popularity. A bad Sonic title which was quickly forgotten when the first details of Sonic Adventure 2 started to poor out...

Many of these gamers who look up to the Sega of old are either just all-talk or if they weren’t, they certainly took a 180 turn, after the Dreamcast died out and went on to the PS2 onwards.

OK, end of rant…

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  1. November 18, 2011 1:39 am

    You´ve got quite a point here. In fact, this article is great. Can I use this in my blog? It´s in Spanish, so I´ll have to translate it, but, of course, I´ll post a link to the original and give proper credit

    • Max Cady 128 permalink*
      November 18, 2011 11:07 am


      thanks for reading the article and I’m glad you liked it, you are welcome to use the full text and translate it.

      Thanks. 😉


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