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ASR Mobile-build Hands-on

March 3, 2011

You liked Sonic and SEGA All-Stars, do you say? M y good chap, do you happen to own a mobile device. I’m going to assume you do. If you do not, I’m going to assume you’ve hitched a ride with the Doctor from the Stone Age ( or any time before 1999).  Sink your teeth into a preview, generously compiled by TouchArcade and glowing with an undeniable positive light. There are some down sides, as you might expect when a game originally intended for the Big Daddy consoles skips lightly into a device the size of a baby bandicoot, and thus some characters and tracks have been left in the dust. Is one of your favourites in this unfortunate pile? See what you can spy in the video below and give a big hearty thankyou to TSSZ for the info.

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