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Platinum Games wants to incorporate Multiplayers modes in future titles

February 23, 2011

While Anarchy Reigns features a fully fleshed-out single player Story Mode, multiplayer will play a huge part in this title.

Platinum Games’s Atsushi Inaba sat down with british news outlet NowGamer about the upcoming Anarchy Reigns and how Platinum Games is also looking to incorporate some form of multiplayer aspects to their games from here on end and some tidbits on AR’s single player story mode:

Anarchy Reigns is Platinum’s first multiplayer title. What new challenges did you face when developing in this new space, and in what ways did you have to shift your attitude from single to multiplayer development?
Up until now, we haven’t included online elements because of the game design of each individual title; however, I think that PlatinumGames moving forward will take a more integrated approach to including multiplayer in our designs.


What can you tell us about the offline story mode? Do you view Anarchy Reigns as a multiplayer game first and single player game second, or vice-versa?
There isn’t much I can tell you at this point. While we are focusing on the online experience, we are confident that the story mode will be something that people will really enjoy.

Source: NowGamer

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