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Sega continues to be strong on European market with FM 2011

February 21, 2011

With Football Manager 2011 you too can act like Arsene Wenger in comfort of your own couch...

Sega continues to have a huge influence in the European market, thanks to the dominance of Football Manager 2011 among consumers:

Europe is now Sega’s biggest boxed games market, thanks to the continued performance of Football Manager 2011.

The management sim has now sold 690,000 units in Europe and the US across PSP and PC. Sega’s European chief Jurgen Post says the game’s success has helped Europe shift more games than its US and Japanese counterparts.

For the first nine months of Sega’s fiscal year, the firm sold 5.95m games in Europe, 5.77m games in the US and 1.9m in Japan.

“As ever we are fortunate because we’ve had Football Manager, which is only just getting started in the US,” Post told MCV.

“If the US had a title like Football Manager, then our sales would have been the same. Sometimes the US sells a few more copies than us, sometimes they don’t. There’s always a big competition.”

Source: MCV

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