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Musician Tony Harnell involved in the production of an unspecified Sonic game

February 17, 2011

One of the early prototype screenshots of Sonic Adventure 2

With Sega, it’s always a waiting game, they manage to keep things completely locked down until a forthcoming announcement, unless there is some sort of leak(largely acciddental, I assume), but there could be indeed something, take this remark from one of the people who worked on Sonic Adventure 2’s soundtrack:

It seems that Harnell is finally stepping back into the world of Sonic The Hedgehog yet again however. On February 16th, His official Facebook page posted an update about his current recording sessions and it seems that he is back working on a new version of the famous city level theme from SA2:

“Sang the new version of Escape From The City today w/Ted Poley for the SEGA game Sonic The Hedgehog:) Great seeing all the guys again today. Cheers, TH”

Since no further info was provided, it’s hard to say if it’s for an all new Sonic title or some kind of compilation CD. It is great to hear that he reunited with the old team and hopefully, we will see him appear more frequently as Harnell has one of the best vocal ranges in all of rock music.

Source: to SegaBit’s very own Shadiwulf for finding this)


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