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Resonance of Fate: How to get through Chapter 4 without losing it

February 15, 2011

You wanna know how I got these scars? Look at what I'm holding...

Warning: The following tutorial features spoilers.

There’s no doubt about it, Resonance of Fate is a very hard game, I myself felt frustrated at one point I had given up completely on it, but early this year, I once again felt the need to get my JRPG fix and once again with persistance, I managed to get through the chapter and I’ll tell you how I did it. For those who played the game, there is one point that many just found way too difficult to beat, that would be the final dungeon boss in Chapter 4. It is the same as Chapter 3, a hulking mass of Manequin parts known as Caligulla, however, before you encounter him, you must escort a statue of Leanne to safety and for some reason all the manequins in the various rooms you have to traverse, are mysoginists and want nothing more than to destroy the statue.

You might get through the first few rooms with little to no hassle, but the few last rooms throw a complete wrench into your plans and the statue starts taking heavy damage, due to those pesky Blood Doll Omega, as they are armed to the teeth, they can take a beating and hit hard. At that point, you might just get to the last boss and the statue gets destroyed with just one hit from him.

How frustrating, how nervewracking it is. However with the right amount of time and dedication, you can get through that boss pretty easily. Here are a few strategies, but the rule that applies to all of them is simple: You will need at least 2 extra hours worth of gameplay to do it. The rest, read on…

Stockpile on Filthy Pouchs and scrap them to make Molotov Cocktails

The statues are very sensible to fire and the explosive properties of molotov cocktails as well as their ability to continuosly burn is immensily helpful as they continue to do scratch damage on it’s target. There are at least 2 boxes with Molotov Cocktails in the Plaster Forest located in the Forest of Idols, but they might not be enough. There is a creature that dwells(ironic since the creature is called Dwellest) during the night time around the Level 4 Forest Path area, wander around that area to trigger the battle, once in combat, use Zephyr(or, depending on how you’ve played) whoever is using the machine gun and do scratch damage on the dwellest’s side pouch, then have another character attack that pouch, the destruction of the pouch also deals a lot of damage into the monster, making the kill a whole lot easier. Remember that the Dwellest only appears during the night time, when in daylight go to the Abandonned Factory on The Forest of Idols and Rest until Night Time arrives, then repeat the process.

When you go back to Ebel City, find the scrapper and pay him to dismantle the Filthy Pouch, the Scrapper charges 100 Rubies and it produces a lot of stuff, including 5 Molotov Cocktails. If you have a character that already has some decent Grenade tossing skills, it could make the whole process that much less  insuferable.

Money is the answer to all of your Problems

It should be noted that if you select the Retry Option with the ability to Restore the Hero Gauge entirely, Leanne’s statue will also be fully restored. The catch? It will cost somewhere above 100k in Rubies. So what do you do? Fight as much as possible, scrap items and sell each individual part, Chips(Golden and Silver) can be  sold, Meat and Quality Meat can be sold for a lot of Rubies.

Why? Suppose your statue gets destroyed during the Blood Doll room, well, you better fork up the dough and advance.

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  1. Nair permalink
    April 6, 2012 12:13 am

    Thank you so much for writing this! it really helped! in fact, the cocktails indeed made is considerably easier to progress!

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