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SEGA a Top Publisher

February 11, 2011

Really? I didn't know that!

An extravagant title from an uncannily accurate and boffin-level source, looked up to by gamers, developers and publishers alike, and the be all and end all for an end of year round up. I am talking, of course, of the weighty and omnipotent Metacritic. Further from critics and closer to gods whose every word and mean score we must abide and accept, this dedicated, deep and understanding source has for years amassed and aggregated everything from sale-bin garbage to the richest and most successful of publishers in all corners of the  entertainment industry. Proving beyond cognitive measure that the singular perception of a game should be of a number above a horizontal line above another number, we should be obliged to take to one knee, sweep off our feathered pirate hats and eat salty meatballs in shame of never being able to compare with the awesomness of Metacritic…

Okay so I shouldn’t be complaining, there are plenty of other organisations to moan about; like Oscar-voters and that radio station that keep recycling those same twelve songs until I could recite them in my sleep, underwater and with AiAi bleating in my ear. But this is all underscoring the point that Metacritic really isn’t the apex of gaming critique –  so don’t recite Katie Perry’s latest six songs, underwater and with AiAi bleating in your ear because your favourite publisher/developer/game didn’t hit the top 999.

That aside, your top publisher did hit the top 999 – even better, the top 13. At number 9 and probably assisted by positive reviews from games such as Bayonetta, Vanquish (hats off to Platinum Games) and Sonic Colours, SEGA was only beaten by worthy adversary’s with some very competitive entries (congratulations to gold-medalist Take-Two Interactive) but still got a shoe in before Namco and Ubisoft – take that, Ezio!

Me, a bad winner? Never!

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