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Sega’s earnings: Japan doing well, US and Europe shows sluggish results

February 4, 2011

AndriaSang has the full report if you want to read through the whole thing, but here’s a few select quotes that will help you get the big picture:

In its earnings report, the company noted that it released such games as Sonic Colors, Vanquish, Football Manager 2011 and Shining Hearts in the third quarter. Overseas sales for new titles were slow due to adverse market conditions, the company said. In Japan, however, sales were solid.

Total software unit sales stood at 13.63 million units. This splits 5.77 million for the US, 5.95 million for Europe and 1.9 million for Japan.

In contrast, the first nine months of last year saw 16.73 million units. The greatest drop came in Europe, which saw 8.16 million units shipped last year. Japan saw a net gain in shipments from last year’s 2.47 million units.

Source: AndriaSang

Well, you can  pretty much consider Call of Duty: Black Ops being released in November a severe market condition for just about everyone. Not liking those European numbers, after all, Europe has been the crown jewel of Sega’s overseas market for quite some time.

The fiscal year isn’t over, though the Dreamcast Collection is coming soon, The Conduit 2 and Shogun 2 will be the big titles for March. Let’s not forget Yakuza 4. Perhaps they can throw in some extra cash into the mix.

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