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Yakuza 4 has the cutest Hostess girls in the world!

February 2, 2011

Say you’re out for a night in the town, that is, after you’re done kicking a few heads in, there’s that one special place, that’s not a brothel, by the way, where you can flirt with some nice ladies, offer them gifts and say nice things to them. It’s like Sakura Taisen, but with realistic-looking characters, methinks.

Oh, and there’s a demo coming out on PSN soon:

First up we’re pleased to announce that the playable demo for Yakuza 4 will be available exclusively to PlayStation Plus users on February 16th and then rolled out to all PlayStation Network users from February 23rd .

The demo will allow you to take on the roles of all four characters enabling you to get a taste for life in the Japanese underworld with each imposing individual employing their own unique fighting styles and bringing their own particular brand of violence to the table. Of course this is merely scraping the tip of the iceberg that is the Yakuza 4 experience.

Source: Sega Blogs

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