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Want to win a free copy of Shogun 2: Total War?

February 1, 2011

Or a TV? Or a laptop? I’d bet my preordered werehog figurine you do.

Now. Those generous folks at 1UP are holding a community contest, and the prizes are desirable at least. To enter, it’s as simple as signing in or signing up to 1UP, and then posting a blog on your My1UP page (how’s about posting a blog on an actual blog site, hey, 1UP, hey!? Wouldn’t that be fun!) stating how many boots you’d lick to get a hold of a free copy. Or… not so dramatic, we’re not all so desperate and broke – just say how much you love the game, or why you’re an RTS fan or draw some fan-art or turn around, touch the ground, and claim the free copy as your own anyway. Get creative, shout your love, write a poem, sing a song, just post it in your My1UP page and make sure to tag your post with the name of the contest.

Best get typing folks.

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