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Escaspist Magazine feature focused on SEGA… pre 21st century, of course.

January 27, 2011


I know this is from a previous article, but I just want to point out that I think somebody messed up the lyrics. I'm quite sure we're meant to hail another hedgehog... but let's run with this anyway.

But, hey, if it’s SEGA we’re reporting. The Escapist Weekly, published weekly since the bronze-age of online gaming community’s has, this week, set a nostalgic eye on our favourite computer titan. Four articles are included, all of which are available here and I’d respect you read these short summaries below so I don’t feel like I’ve stayed up past my bedtime for nothing.

The Genesis Effect, by Russ Pitts, which upturns everything everybody knows on how wonderful it was and how it changed Mr Pitts’ life… well, upturns everything everybody knows on that first part – but all joking aside a dedicated piece to what was a remarkable milestone for SEGA.

16-Bit Generals, by Steve Butts. I told you the feature had a nostalgic eye – but it is called a retrospective. Mr Butts, however, reminds us of a side to the Genesis/Mega Drive that we probably overlook these days. RTS on a console? SEGA took the bold steps to make it happen, and it paid off with some super satisfying strategy simulations.

The Shining Force, by Lisa Gay. Another gem buried under the dusts of time and carcasses of games and consoles that have since been played to gaming heaven, Ms Gay pulls out the truths and facts around the complications that hampered the Force from Shining.

Thanks for all the Fish, by Brendan Main. What do you know, another obscure title fished from the fathoms of a time when you could go to the movies for 60c. Of course, if you like semi-alive fish, existential queries and an off-beat pet-simulation (on second thoughts that all sounds queasily fascinating) then here’s the time-travel trip for you!

So well done to Mr Pitts, Mr Butts, Ms Gay and Mr Main for a wonderful SEGA retrospective.


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