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What tells me about Sega’s treatment in the media

January 25, 2011

The appearance of GamesJourno and even Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition are a true blessing, thought it’s a shame that they are somewhat 5 years too late before they actually start to make some changes into the video game journalism and blogging scene.

Let me be fair, I know video game companies are huge corporations that quite honestly do not need fanboys protecting them and acting all snobbish in doing so, so when a critic utterly destroys a game you like, let the PR people of said company deal with those issues, I mean, damage control is part of their job.

But even when they do so, a smart company might take advantage of a negative review and use it for viral comedy, instead of … doing this.

But where am I going with this? We’ll I would like to point out some particularly disgusting issues I have with certain blogs and even publications who continue to treat Sega as crap on a regular basis (though not completely uncalled for in a few situations), I mean, it’s bad enough that many outlets continue to not take Sega’s word about being a 3rd party developer seriously after they made their intentions crystal clear so many years ago, there have some recurring trends when it comes to Sega. Now with that in mind here’s a few of the examples of the press essentially dicking around with Sega:

Sega announces E3 line-up, journos ask about anything except the actual line-up

This article and this one too are just a few of the examples of this recurring situation, so Sega has a line-up of potentially good games to show at E3 and what do people ask about? Oh, where’s ____________________? (Fill in blank with Dreamcast, Genesis or Saturn game that you want to see a sequel made)

If they say no, just make a headline based on a “Sega breaks their fan’s hearts” template and roll with it. Never mind that in a time where sequels are saturing the market and Sega appears to be one of the very few developers who continue to push new IP on a regular basis, nothing they show at any of these E3 events is more important than the burning question about a sequel to a game that wasn’t comercially successful at all.


Shenmue Exploitation

You know, if there is anything worse than Sega not releasing a sequel to Shenmue 2, it is the borderline despicable act of perpetually mentioning Shenmue and using the name to gain some sort of notoriority, but mostly as a publicity stunt, take this featured article from Computer&Video Games for example, in which the last lines are as followed:

For all our sakes, Shenmue 3 needs to be made. The campaign – and the whip round – begins here. We’re up to £3.63… readers, you know what you have to do.

Order Games Master here and have it delivered straight to your door.

Now where have I seen this before? I seem to vaguely recall a british online show that gained a lot of attention on ShenmueDojo, where two englishmen whom you could barely understand what they were saying, promised to ask Sega about Shenmue, so for 20 minutes of the show, they would dedicate a grand total of 30 seconds on the subject matter of Shenmue and finally on the last day, they just got an answer from a Sega PR guy saying no deal (I will need to look this up, because I can’t seem to find the data yet, but I’ll write a follow-up to this soon).

Let me just say this, please stop shamelessly putting the name Shenmue in every headline and stop making a big deal out of it when anyone from Sega says “No plans for the franchise”. Grow up!


Let’s use this unconfirmed rumor and pester Sega about it

Yep, an interesting trend, some sort of rumor pops up and they decide to ask Sega about it and again, you have the “Sega makes me sad” template. You are essentially stripping yourself of any journalistic integrity or credibility when the source of this rumor had it’s page recently banned. While there was nothing on’s Memory Machine, there was still a version of this document on Google’s cache, now take a good long look at this:

This article is absolutely bogus, but it’s apparently good enough for these publications to just pester Sega about it.


Thanks for reading this little rant of mine, I seriously wanted to get this off my chest and also congratulate GamesJourno on being essentially the Newsbusters of the gaming press.


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