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Creating the Conduit 2 opening cinematic

January 25, 2011

“High Voltage software details their trailer masterpiece” if SEGA America do say so themselves. Sit down Damien Davis, studio director at Red Eye Motion Capture Studio, and the skipper leading the team that crafted Conduit 2’s intro. Just hit the jump above to read the blog – I got as far as teh second paragraph before being paralysed with awe at the return of those awesome sunglasses…

Oh, I suppose I better throw in a quote to make this post just that little bit beefier.

One of our primary goals in creating the intro sequence for Conduit 2 was to establish that our game was taking a huge step forward in presentation, graphical quality and cinematic scope. Lead Artist Joe Hamel and his team did an amazing job of creating some of the highest quality visuals ever produced on the Wii, and our opening cinema needed to reflect that. We wanted the cinema to begin where the first game left off – with Michael Ford escaping via conduit from a collapsing bunker in Washington DC; and to end with him emerging from the conduit to begin the new campaign. We had complete freedom to choose whatever imagery we wanted during the journey through the wormhole. Since we were using hi-resolution versions of the actual in-game models, we had a ton of amazing new worlds and never before seen creatures to pick from.

Happy reading!

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