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Do my eyes deceive me… could it be…. Sonic 2 HD!

January 17, 2011

I can already hear the music... oh, wait, that's just my ringtone.

Yes, yes it is, this straight from Sonic Retro, mouthpiece of the techies behind this marvellous work, Team S2 HD:

Tonight marks the World Premiere of Sonic 2 HD! For the first time since the project’s technical demonstration in 2008, the curtain has been pulled away to let the world see what Team S2HD has been building up. We hope this answers many of the questions long-time fans of the project have had, and that everyone is just as excited as we are for what’s to come[…] By the fans, for the fans, spread the word: the alpha release of Sonic 2 HD will arrive Q1 2011!

For more detail on the engine and how the game has been designed, just jump to Sonic Retro, and for a trailer that you MUST see, as in MUST see, as in you will lie awake at night if you ignore me when I say that you MUST see this. Technical difficulties inhibit me posting it straight to this site, but if possible this will be amended ASAP.

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