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Shogun 2 Gameplay Trailer!

January 14, 2011

Time to come out (sho)Guns blazing!… No, it does not beat the pun here, I’m afraid. Well, you can’t blame a girl for try – okay, okay! I’m getting there!

Turn based campaign gameplay and cutting edge real-time 3D battles are only a few of the credibly amazing features the newest installment of Total War is offering. The campaign especially looks to be designed carefully and expertly for the serious gamer, while those real-time battles (did I mention the 3D looks completely and utterly gorgeous?) put the ‘fun’ in ‘war’ – yes, I know there’s no fun in war… except in Total (fun) War! Many choices await in the complicated and deadly political game in which you must fight for dominance – faith, diplomacy, the safety of your family, agents and warlords; this is a war game pulling out all the stops.

And we’ll be trying it for ourselves in the tides of March… better beware your political campaign doesn’t end up like the warlord who paid his dues during that exact time. Couldn’t have been a better date if they planned it…

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