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Sega releases yet another Genesis compilation!

January 11, 2011

It appears a fourth Genesis compilation pack has made it’s way onto the PC, through digital distribution channels:

Following the success of the three previous SEGA Genesis Classics collections, SEGA of America has released a fourth installment of Genesis games onto the PC via digital distribution websites.

SEGA Genesis fans can relive memories playing classic 80’s and 90’s video games such as Sonic The Hedgehog 2Gunstar HeroesStreets of Rage 2ToeJam & Earl,Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair and others.

“We are pleased to make more classic titles available from SEGA’s rich gaming heritage, each with load/save functionality and full PC support,” said James Schall, Digital Distribution Manager at SEGA Europe. “Our fans will be able to enjoy playing their favorite classics, with the added opportunity of experiencing games they missed first time around.”

Each classic SEGA Genesis title released thus far are available for $2.99 and up.

Source: News10 via N4G

It’s also pertinent to say that all of these games can already be found on sites such as GamersGate, see here, here,here,here and here. They are also DRM Free, so go nuts… As for me, allow me to express myself using a cheap 5 minute doodle I made on Microsoft Paint:

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