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Pritchard: “Two or Three Big Sonic announcements in Early 2011”

December 13, 2010
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In 2010, we saw perhaps a turning point in the blue hedgehog’s long carreer, 2010 saw the release of a good racing game, a return to 2D greatness and a good 3D Sonic title, but what does Sega have in store for the upcoming year, SOA’s Alan Pritchard has a few things to say:

We have been guilty of bringing too much Sonic product to market. Where we’re trying to move now is — we have Mario & Sonic, which is our party Sonic title. Then, we’re looking to improve the quality and focus of a pure Sonic platform gaming experience. We have released Sonic 4 digitally, which has reviewed very well. Last week, we released Sonic Free Riders on Kinect. That’s us being involved in the launch of a platform. Historically, Sega does very well in the launch timeframe of platforms. We did very well at the launch of PS3 and Wii. Free Riders was really about being a part of the launch of Kinect. Then, we have Colors, which is our pure Sonic gaming experience. That’s had some high scores. It’s also the highest pre-selling pure Sonic title we’ve had ever. That’s a good indication. With the quality of the game, we’re confident of that. That’s our pure platforming Sonic. But [….] we have some announcements in the early part of next year that will further support and add to this strategy. There will be two or three big Sonic announcements in the early part of next calendar year.

Source: GameInformer via TSSZNews


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