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Yu Suzuki explains why Shenmue 3 never came to be…

December 8, 2010

A short but simple answer that anyone can understand:

JM: I presume you wanted to make Shenmue 3 right after Shenmue 2, but that Sega management wouldn’t let you based on the sales of Shenmue 2?

YS: Yeah.

JM: Because of the announcement of Shenmue World for mobile phones, it has stimulated a lot of Internet buzz about Shenmue 3. And Sega of Europe’s CEO, Mike Hayes, has said, “Never say never [about Shenmue 3].”

YS: Yeah, we can’t say “never.” This topic steps into sensitive territory, but history hasn’t always been kind to Sega and there were some difficult years, sales-wise. Business was tough, and they couldn’t take risks on big titles.



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