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Sega-Sammy stocks show signs of positive growth!

December 2, 2010

TSSZNews reports some progress in Sega Sammy’s stock:

Today, the Dow Jones and NASDAQ will open off renewed hope of a better economy, hoping to improve even more on the more than 2 percent gains from Wednesday.  But for Sega Sammy stock, the bar from yesterday is much higher, to the tune of an overten and a half percent gain.

Sega stock closed at $4.60 a share Wednesday, up 44 cents from Tuesday’s close.  The stock even flirted with a new 52 week high of $4.80 a share.  Compare that to February 5th, the day after Sonic 4: Episode I was announced, when SGAMY traded at a 52 week low of $2.69 a share.

The website also goes on to suggest that yesterday’s announcement of Binary Domain and Sonic Colors sales may have had a hand in this:

Why so high?  Wednesday’s announcement of Binary Domain, the brain child of the Yakuza series’s Toshihiro Nagoshi, may have helped.  The big bump, however, may be due to the mothership in Japan announcing a treasury stock buy, in effect buying back some outstanding company shares on the market.  That improves the value of what remains in shareholders’ hands.

With both versions of Sonic Colors showing sales promise in North America, depending on how well Sega games sell during the Holiday season, A $5 a share benchmark looks possible.

Source: TSSZ News

For more information on Sega-Sammy’s stock, you can visit this page and see what is the current situation.

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