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The Escapist’s review of Crazy Taxi – A different perspective

December 1, 2010

Home to gaming community icons such as Yahtzee, Extra Credits ( I strongly recommend these guys to all of you there, and you can watch their videos by hitting the jump) and Unskippable, among many others, the Escapist has delivered its review of the Dreamcast beaut, Crazy Taxi, and it’s quite a different view. Reviewer Russ Pitts splits the game in half between the good and bad, and somehow the arcade classic, it’s resurrection having been hacked and spat on by much of the gaming community, comes out on top with a respectable, albeit surprising, 4/5 stars.

The best:

If you give it a chance, Crazy Taxi will grab you and refuse to let go. It is the very definition of a classic game: simple to learn but difficult to master. At each turn you’ll think to yourself that you can do better next time – and you will. Each round, as you ferry paying customers across the living landscape of one of gaming’s first “open worlds” (a fictionalized San Francisco), you will discover new shortcuts, learn new strategies and discover simple yet energizing thrills.

Pitts’ discussion is that while Crazy Taxi can and will feel irrevocably dated, you cannot help but stumble across the magic that made the game such a hit. The worst is:

The only serious disappointment here is the lack of the original music tracks like The Offspring’s “All I Want” which blared “Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah” every time the game started.

Yeah, that’s the worst. But being a fan of Offspring myself I can see where he’s coming from. I think. Click here to read the full review or watch the video review supplement.

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