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Toshihiro Nagoshi to reveal Binary Domain on December 1st

November 30, 2010

Apparentely there’s more to Nagoshi-san and his team than making a Yakuza every year, because he seems to have a very unique title which will be revealed soon:

Famitsu has a big interview with overall producer Toshihiro Nagoshi regarding Binary Domain, the new futuristic sci-fi themed title from the Yakuza team (see below for a few initial details).

Nagoshi reveals that the idea for Binary Domain was around back when Yakuza 3 was in development. The game promises high level of drama and action, along with a strong technical backing.

Different from Yakuza, the Binary Domain is targeting a worldwide audience, although Nagoshi stressed that as it’s being made by a Japanese studio, the game will be not be something that won’t appeal to Japanese players.

Well, when you read the title, it almost looks like a japanese Terminator flick:

Binary Domain is set in 2080s Tokyo. At this time, Tokyo is split into two areas, one for the wealthy and one for the poor. The poor area resembles the current look of Tokyo, but with some level of devastation.

Central to the story is a battle between man and robots. While Nagoshi would not share specifics on why this fight is taking place, he did say that the core operations of the world are, at this point, being handled by robots. Robots have penetrated deeply the every day lives of humans.

And here’s a few brief details on the actual game:

Binary Domain’s voice work will all be done by overseas actors, but the event scene cuts and image work will all be done by Japanese staff. Because of this, Nagoshi feels that the game will merge Japanese and overseas sense in one.

Nagoshi would share little about gameplay. He does seem to be excited about the AI, promising enemy robot AI to be at a previously unseen level.

Source: AndriaSang

The game is set for a full reveal on December 1st at 5 pm, though AndriaSang doesn’t especify if it’s Japanese local time or not, if so that would mean about 8 am in Lisbon, 3 am in New York and about 7 pm on Canberra.


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