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1Up’s Crazy Taxi review

November 30, 2010

Unfortunately, it mirrors our earlier worries. 1Up’s Steve Hask calls the transfer of Dreamcast gems into HD and onto our home consoles ‘questionable’ in his review, and drives his point home with this latest debacle.

Simply put, by today’s gameplay standards Crazy Taxi is a mess. The controls are sloppy and often unresponsive, the physics are wonky (even for the arcade), and the once-novel concept of weaving through traffic like a drunk driver to get passengers to their destination as fast as possible has long since gone through its own process of natural selection…

The short review continues in such a fashion and there is very little praise to be found, if any and the final score was a ‘D’. Euragamer also rewarded the game with a slap on the wrist, and other outlets appear to be ignoring it all together or letting it slip under the radar – the ones that were to be found didn’t raise controversy. For those of you still sitting in the fence, maybe this is a time to think about digging up some other resurrections on the online market.

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