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Kamiya continues to drop more hints on Bayonetta 2

November 29, 2010

Hideki Kamiya, creator of Devil May Cry and Viewtful Joe as well as Sega’s Bayonetta, appears to be dropping some hints at a sequel for Platinum Game’s flagship title. The portuguese branch of Eurogamer picked up another Twitter chatter:

No inicio do ano, após o lançamento do jogo, todos queriam saber se Bayonetta teria uma sequela. Kamiya na altura publicou um conciso “Acredito que sim” e um pouco mais tarde acrescentou que, “Ela voltará se vocês quiserem.”

Desta vez um utilizador perguntou-lhe se a Platinum Games iria apresentar a sequela durante o Tokyo Game Show do próximo ano, ao que Kamiya respondeu com um enigmático, “Em breve verás.”

Source: Eurogamer Portugal

For non-portuguese speaking fellows who are too lazy to use Google Translator, it says that Kamiya-san was asked if we were to expect a Bayonetta sequel at next year’s TGS. To which Kamiya simply replied , roughly translated:  “You’ll see soon enough.”

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