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Yu Suzuki and Segata Sanshiro will reveal Shenmue City on Monday!

November 13, 2010

Yes, you read that right, the creator of Shenmue and the japanese Chuck Norris, no other than the MIGTHY Segata Sanshiro will be unveiling the much talked Shenmue game soon, how soon, you say? Next Monday:

Sunsoft is getting ready to give Shenmue City its proper unveiling. On Monday, key players in the upcoming social game project will gather at UDX Theater in Akihabara for a press conference to formerly introduce the game.

The event will be attended by Yu Suzuki, founder of developer Ys Net and the man most directly connected to the Shenmue universe. Also set for appearance will be higher ups at Sega, Sunsoft and DeNA, the company that manages the Mobagetown platform which will be serving the game.

As a special guest, Sunsoft has invited Hiroshi Fujioka. You might remember Fujioka as Sega Saturn promotional spokesperson Segata Sanshiro. He was also the voice of Shenmue main character Ryo Hazuki’s father, who dies in the game’s prologue.

Source: AndriaSang

Can you people beleive that 2010 of all the years, is the one year were we’ve been doing lots of Shenmue related posts? Either way, it will a pleasure to see the Messiah once again, but what to think of Yu Suzuki’s approach to Shenmue as a social game? It’s like  not  Suzuki-san hasn’t had crazier ideas before, but to reach out to a more casual audience… Hmm, does it cheapen the brand or is this a likely test bed for better things to come? Only time will tell. Wait around for 72 hours and we’ll see how this goes…

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  1. TailstheHedgehog permalink
    November 13, 2010 2:39 pm

    He’d punch us, you know? 😉

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