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Gamespot’s Review of Sonic Free Riders

November 11, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available. Free Riders Gamespot, posted with vodpod

And after a series of promising reviews from many medie outlets, here it appears to have all gone down hill. Which is strange, as other gaming giant IGN handed the game a respectable 7.5, a far cry from the score Gamespot’s Tom McShea has dished out: one lousy 4.5.When two large, respected media outlets each hand one game such different scores, it means either the reviewer was intoxicated, concussed, both, or the game is going to be one of those adventures you either love or you hate.

Imagine a game in which the mundane actions you perform in real life are replicated to an exaggerated degree in the digital realm. A modest hop in your living room results in your in-game character soaring into the virtual stratosphere, and a slight flick of your wrist allows you to fling a missile right into the back of a speeding opponent. It’s an intriguing idea, but Sonic Free Riders fails to capitalize on the promise of its intuitive control scheme.

That’s everything, in the smallest nutshell a reviewer could manage, over which Sonic Riders stumbled, but with motion controls. Okay, go-figure – but the contradicting scores keep the game open to debate (smells like November 2008 again doesn’t it?). While IGN called it ‘not amazing’, they were still fairly impressed and recommended it to Kinect owners/buyers. Other reviews are still streaming in for the game, though are about as mixed as a stir-fry, so keep an eye out, and do not be discouraged just yet.

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